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Hi, Below is the instruction of reflection on Nursing program, bacically, you can google for infomation and write in your own words: 1/ Reflect on how the program has prepared you for the roles and responsibilities of the nurse. 2/Did you experience any defining moments? How have you made a difference? describing your personal values and beliefs about the nursing profession. Thanks m source..
Nursing as a program has prepared me to develop appropriate delivery structures and governance structures as a core function of delivery, care to need, improving the health and well-being of patients. Delivery of these services requires trained, knowledgeable nurses who are receptive to patients' needs and expectations. This requires one to have flexible approach that makes appropriate use of skills and the significance of ensuring that the practice has enough nursing hours to provide the services that are needed. As per the general roles and responsibility of General nursing practice have really prepared me in terms of appropriate care in a safe and effective manner to the patients, listen and hear the patient's needs, and deliver care within their context, encouraging them to self manage incase of any problem in due course of the seeking medical advice. The general nursing practice has prepared in providing knowledge and support for patients and on to be accountable and responsible for patients` care delivery.
General nursing practice being as a care-giver has effective skill-mix, including the development and implementation of new roles prepares one`s mind in fundamental to delivering responsive services to the patients as call to the practice. One of immense challenge in health care is the ability to integrate appropriately our own values and way of life into the professional practice though the sturdy connection between the patient and nurse is a magnificent opportunity to manifest shared feelings, worries, choices, assurance predictable strengths and goals. As nurses we should be aware and sensitive to the patient`s conflicts, personal drama, and experience thus making the nurse`s devout and moral support to be a useful tool to promote well-being and throw in to assist the patient to cope better with the complicated life dealings. The appreciative of the patient needs will give an essential relationship to initiate the spiritual care giving to the patient. The full recognition of their illness in all their fine distinction: physical, spiritual and physiological will make likely to us promote meaning, love, hope and many spiritual qualities to the patient.
For instance, as nurses are in privileged position to influence the patient`s behavior and the day to day care and the connection created on the mutual trust, it makes it possible for the patient and nurse develop an especial connection that will allow both swap over their insights and opinion. Thus, it is crucial to be very careful about this approach, and understand when or what it is appropriate to disclose with the patients as per the roles and responsibilities of a nurse. In some cases, some patients will be comforted with this exchange and others may become annoyed and experience some level of loss of confidence in the nurse and thus becomes the mos...
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