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Kyoto Protocol (Essay Sample)

The question is: "Explain The Kyoto Protocol" source..

Kyoto Protocol
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Kyoto protocol
Kyoto protocol was a treaty that was implemented in Japan, Kyoto on 11th December 1997 and started working on 16th February 2005. The main objective of the protocol was to stabilize concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere as it was dangerous and it was interfering with climatic patterns. It was a treaty that was agreed on among the most industrialized countries to reduce emission of green house gases. The main goal of the treaty was to reduce emission of the 6 greenhouse gases i.e. carbon dioxide, nitrous gases, methane, sulfur hexafluoride, PFCs and HFCs. The industrialized countries were seen to be the major contributor of green house gases due to their industrial functions which emitted a lot of their waste gases in the atmosphere, thereby causing global warming and climatic change. Due to this, the treaty placed a heavier burden on the developed countries. The treaty maintained that the countries ought to meet their targets through global measures. In addition, the agreement gave three additional ways of countries meeting their targets i.e. joint implementation, emission trading and clean development mechanism. The protocol maintained that the emissions from ea...
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