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Managing Environmental Issues (Essay Sample)

Write a minimum of one full page containing your thoughts on strategies businesses might employ to deal with global warming. (Assume global warming to be a reality and to be significant over the next 50 years). source..
Global warming is defined as the Earth’s air and oceans gradually heating up to a point that disrupts balance, a problem that is continually getting worse. It is one of the most serious threats to the environment ever faced in human history. Businesses are the largest source of carbon dioxide pollution which is the major cause of glob warming. They produce 5.5 billion tone of carbon dioxide. This essay will focus on strategies businesses might employ to deal with global warming.
First, business should switch to renewable energy such as solar, wind and biomass. This will discourage the use of diesel to generate power which will result to less production cost due to the used of cheap energy as well as less carbon dioxide emission. Secondly, businesses should participate in activities of protecting and conserving forests. Forests play a critical role in global warming since they store carbon. When these forests are burned or cut down, their stored carbon is released into the air which increases global warming. Businesses should sensitize and inform people on the importance of saving and maintain forests. They should also sponsor activities which are aimed at conserving the environment.
Businesses can reduce carbon dioxide emission by adjusted their driving style. They should use engine brake instead of the pedal brake and when possible turn off their engine. Also, Present full-time home business owners and telecommuters which will save approximately 4,439 million gallon of gas annually. If businesses ca...
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