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Global warming: Are we doing enough to stop it? (Essay Sample)

Write an essay arguing something you think is important and about which you feel strongly. Avoid topics that are based primarily on your personal biases and not upon logic and evidence. Avoid topics that have been beaten to death in the media and used as red herring issues by political parties. You might argue for why your chosen field is not only significant to you, but also important to humanity in general. Be sure to be clear about your presuppositions, both to yourself and to your readers. Define your terms. Use reason to argue your points; beware of letting emotion create inaccurate statements or a detracting tone in your work. Be sure to address the opposition if you are writing about a controversial topic: you don't have much credibility if you don't appear to know what your opponents say about the issue. Support your points with evidence. Your paper MUST have a thesis that is argued and supported. Thank you source..
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Global warming: are we doing enough to stop it?
Most people have heard the issue of global warming, but the major question whether we are doing enough to curb global warming. Global warming was the defined by (IPCC 6) as the gradual increase in the average temperature of the earth and its expected continued rise. (IPCC 10) notes that the average global temperature has risen with about 0.8Oc with much of the increase happening in the last the decades. They further noted that scientists are more than 90% certain that the increase is caused by anthropogenic activities such as deforestation and combustion of the fossils fuels leading to the accumulation of the green house gases. Green house gases as defined by (Grubb: The Kyoto Protocol, FEEM) are those gases in the atmosphere that absorb and emit radiations that are within the range of the thermal infrared. He further wrote that when these gases emit the radiations absorbed, the temperatures on the earth’s surface become higher than if the earth is only heated by the sun’s direct radiation (Grubb). noted that they are referred to greenhouse gases as they lead to an effect similar to that in a greenhouse. There are numerous greenhouse gases but the most significant one is carbon dioxide. Increase in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere means that more infrared radiation are absorbed and emitted to the earth surface. This in-turn means an increase in the global temperatures.
Carbon dioxide levels have increased due to the human induced activities such as the destruction of the carbon sinks and the combustion of the fossil fuels. The major carbon sink as explained by (IPCC 15) are the forests, that their have been decimated as people try to get building materials, firewood and land to settle. Industries emit a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through burning of fossil fossils for energy. Motor vehicles also release a lot of greenhouse gases through their exhaust pipes.
The impacts of global warming are diverse and can have great magnitude to the humankind. The effects as noted by (Easterling et al 97) may either be ecological, physical, or socio-economic. They further explained that the ultimate physical impact of climate change is the expected rise in the sea level following the melting of the glaciers and snow. The rise in sea levels is in-turn expected to result to great losses as the coastal towns could be submerged in water. (Easterling et al 105) observes that there has been a trend of extreme weather conditions such as the cases of heat waves. (Easterling et al 105) based on expert judgment projected that there will be an increase in the area affected by drought, rise in the sea level and changes in the tropical cyclone.
Generally, the impacts of global warming affect everyone globally but with varying degree depending on the vulnerability and sensitivity as noted by (Confalonieri et al 37...
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