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Causes and Effects of Global Warming (Essay Sample)

400-500 word. Cause and effect essay.Font new times roman - font size 12 You are now going to write a draft cause-and-effect essay. Be sure to follow these guidelines: - This essay should consist of 400 to 500 words - When you complete the rough draft, go through the revising and editing process. Then write your final essay. - Make sure to send the rough draft, revision and edit checklist, and the final copy of the essay to your instructor. source..
Causes and Effects of Global Warming
[Date of submission]
Due to ever increasing human population, a lot of pressure is placed on the earth whereby the world resources are exhausted at a higher rate, dwindling short to adequately support human beings and other species. Human populace is dependent on world resources, without which, all species will die bringing to an end to human and plant life. Global warming crisis occurs when there is a mismatch between the demand for resources and what the environment is able to support. This problem is more enhanced by the ever increasing population, which puts a lot of stress to the environment. Some of key causes of pollution in the globe today are; deforestation, overpopulation, release of more carbon dioxide and other unfriendly gases to the atmosphere and pollution of water bodies. This paper seeks to look at the effects of global worming and its effect to man as well as the environment and what can be done to minimize it, for instance what man should do to avoid global warming so as to minimize its effects on the universe (Casper, 2010).
Global warming which is referred to as the rise in the average temperature on the Earth`s atmosphere due to increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of the Earth is one of the biggest issues facing the whole world. The effects of global warming to animals, the field of agriculture are much pathetic and not forgetting man as its effects on the human population are much frightening. The most disgusting point is that we are the cause of this and its effects to us is severe and will be much severe if man won`t change. There are various effects of global warming and more or less every effect doesn`t favour us.
More killer storms
The increasing killing storms are severe in the whole world and scientists have proved that this is due to the rising effects of global warming. Storms such as hurricanes and cyclones are increasing and they are alleged to be detrimental to human beings. Scientists are assumed to have come up with evidence that global warming will extensively increase the intensity of the most tremendous storms worldwide. The tropical cyclone winds have exceeded its maximum speed and its increasing with time since 1981 as it`s believed that the upward trend is driven by the rising ocean temperatures which no one now how sooner it will arrive at conclusion.
Massive crop failures
Agriculture is one f the fundamental sector in the universe for the survival of man but this expanse has been much affected as global warming. In this sector, the global warming will vary widely both from region to region up to place to place. These have been influenced by Changes in local and regional temperatures, precipitation, soil moisture, sunshine and cloudiness, and extreme events such...
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