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Four Student's Comments: Support And Continuous Counselling (Essay Sample)


this is four students comments on their post 5-1 there is stuard and youanda for 5-2 there is charles andYolanda all comments need in text citation I am sending chapter 5 and a article with the questions.


Four Student's Comments
5-1 : Stuard
Thanks Staurd for the informative post, I like the fact that you have shared the different stages of recovery. I concur with the fact that during transition stage clients are in denial and have distorted thoughts hence required professional support. In transition stage when clients stop drinking at times, clients have no self-control and equally still need support and continuous counseling (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2012).
However, during the transition stage, the recovery process can be tricky because of several triggers and negative feelings that might arise. Some of the characteristics of the drinking stage and the transition stage of recovery include emotional triggers caused by several factors that might affect the recovery process. Drug abuse and addiction is a complex process that affects brain functions altering individual behaviors .at any stage clients are at risk of relapsing even after a long period of abstaining from drugs (Lewis, Dana & Blevins, 2014).
It is true that during recovery from drugs does not have a set point in time, but there are different stages clients go through. During drinking stage, it is not easy for clients to make changes in their attitudes, behavior, value or even their lifestyle, but with proper guidance, clients can reach transition of stopping to drink (Mintz, 2010). When they receive some treatment, the persons' can work through his emotion. In both stages, the drinking and transition stages clients need adequate support and counseling. During the maintenance process, individuals can find it difficult living without alcohol by trying to make adjustments by developing new goals (Lewis, Dana & Blevins, 2014). It is important to monitor the substance use during treatment; the fact that clients are aware that they are beginning monitored can make them wi

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