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Security Challenges Facing Port Security Port Security as a Risk Management Activity Asymmetric Warfare (Essay Sample)

(200 words minimum for initial post addressing questions) 1. Explain what are the specific security challenges in a port environment? 2. Explain the following: a. Security Survey b. Risk-based decision making c. Cost -effective risk assessment d. What are some of the available resources for conducting port facility risk/vulnerability analysis? 3. Read the document - Gray, Colin S. (2002) Thinking Asymmetrically in Time of Terror. Write at a minimum two paragraphs of what the document is about. ( I have the attachment for this article) source..
Title: Name: University: Date: Security challenges in a port environment Port security is the law and treaty enforcement measures taken to defend the port against terrorism activities. This is achieved by inspection of cargo moving through the ports as well as providing maritime security. The major challenges faced by ports authorities include vulnerabilities to terrorist attacks resulting from security breaches in the aspects of container shipping industry. With the increase in maritime traffic, there is concern of passenger or cargo hijackings and pirate attacks as well as accountability of shipping containers ferried worldwide. The largest area of concern in terms of security and vulnerability is the security of containers. It becomes a difficult task when securing, tracking and shipping security containers. This is because the cost of inspecting these containers is usually high coupled with the costs of shipping delays from the inspections. In addition, terrorists are likely to exploit lack of security in shipping industries. Some of the threats that they may pose include smuggling of weapons of mass destruction and transportation of terrorist operatives. Furthermore, container ships anchored at the port...
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