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The Life of Andy Warhol and His Contribution to Pop Art (Research Paper Sample)

The focus is a chronology of Andy Warhol's Life and how he affected the Pop art movement and his legacy. source..
Date: 24 February 2011.
The Life of Andy Warhol and His Contribution to Pop Art
The phrase pop-art was invented by Lawrence Alloway, who happened to be a British curator in 1955. It was used to describe a new form of popular art, which was a movement that was emerging by that time. This was just like a movement that was characterized by the imagery of consumerism along with popular culture. The pop culture emerged in both New York as well as London in the mid 1950s, as an effect, it became the dominant avant-garde style till 1960s.
It was characterized by simple and bold everyday imagery, along with vibrant block colors. It was much interesting looking at and had a modern feel of ‘hip’. The scheme of bright color on the other hand also enabled such form of avant-garde art, to reiterate certain components in the contemporary culture, and was much helpful in narrowing the divide between the commercial arts and fine arts. The Pop art is considered as being the first post-modernist movement, apart from being the first school of art the reflected the power of films as well as televisions, from which many of its most famous images acquired their celebrity. The common sources of pop iconography were the advertisements, packaging of consumer products, photographs of film-stars, pop-stars, as well as other celebrities and comic strips. This research paper focuses is a chronology of Andy Warhol's Life and how he affected the Pop art movement and his legacy
Personal Life and career of Andy Warhol
In 1928, Warhal was born in Pittsburgh as the son of a migrant from Slovak. His original name was Andrew Warhola. Most of his history is some how shrouded in a mystery and myth. His biographers agree that, he was born in 1928, though some sources say 1927, 1930, while others claim 1931. Going by his own words, Warhol said “I never give my background, and anyway, I make it all up differently every time I’m asked.” (Bockris, 87)His father worked as a construction worker, before toiling as a coal miner. Warhol was a high-strung kid, who suffered from St. Vitus dance, nervous disorder that was characterized by the absence of coordination.
Warhol was an artist, filmmaker as well as a writer, as an effect, he was a hero of counterculture society during late 1970s from late 1960s. It was his influence that soared far beyond the confines of museums as well as art galleries. His work appropriated the images of American popular culture for the reason of high art, creation of portraits that really celebrated a superficial and a time a violent society. Warhol was obsessed with personal fame along with wealth, and was a fixture on the New York celebrity scene for around three decades. During death in 1987, he was among the millionaires, who had used the technique of mass production to come up with several art and photography output. He was recognized instantly by individuals who by that time had ...
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