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Global Warming (Article Sample)

This is an example. Write an actual response to the editorial letter. The letter to the editor needs to be in Formal Letter format. I did a persuasive paper on global warming. I did it over the causes and effects of global warming and that control measures needed to be in place to curb the actions that effect the planet. The above was something that we needed to do as course work. By I need a finished final piece in response from in editorial. Then writing back to the editor. I hope that I have given adequate information. Also, this does not have to be 1-2 pages. It just needs to be about a paragraph or so. The response needs to be adequate. I used the link above to find to find an article. I was trying to find an opposing viewpoint. Then responded back to the letter to the editor. Formal Letter: Date: 26th April, 2011 the Editor, Bayport Mayflower, 12 – Atlantic Beach Blvd. Bayport, USA Dear Editor, Subject: The Negative Influences about the Issues of Global Warming In reference to your article on Global Warming, How can you say that there is no such thing as global warming and that there is nothing we can do about the change in the weather? There are many causes of global warming and as humans on earth we are one of the main causes. Climate change is and will reach catastrophic heights. The latest study from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that most regions of the world will witness a variety of negative effects of global warming (, 2011). As a result of our lack of support for the world we live in, drastic efforts with support systems need to be implementing. Read more:,31813,1620995,00.html#ixzz1KgJDNIyw Yours sincerely, Michael Escue Bay Road, Bayport, USA source..
MICHAEL ESCUE, BAY ROAD, BAY PORT, U.S.A. 26th April, 2011. TO THE EDITOR, BAYPORT MAYFLOWER, 12-ATLANTIC BEACH BLVD BAYPORT, U.S.A Dear Editor, RE: THE NEGATIVE INFLUNCES ON GLOBAL WARMING I write to express my disappointment about claims that appeared in your newspaper refuting the existence of global warming in the world. Being a research student dealing with environmental issues and more specifically causes and effects of global warming, I could like to say that your comments denying the existence of global warming were misleading to the general public and thus wish to state that Global Warming is a reality in the contemporar...
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