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Professor Questions, Students Comments: Healthy Lifestyle (Essay Sample)


Professor has asked me two questions about my post that you all wrote I have added it she wants to know about girls and boys what types of information would you include in the session putting together an educational session for teenage boys and teenage girls this question is separate for the boys and girls . then comment on student Stephanie, & Nick post 4-2 question is provided, all together I should have 4 comments with in text citation on Stephanie and Nick with a reference page


Professor Questions and Students Comments
Date of Submission:
Professor Questions and Students Comments
An educational session for teenage girls would have information on living healthy lifestyles. In this case, healthy lifestyle is used to mean eating healthy foods and performing exercises regularly (Irish Heart Foundation, 2012 p.9). For example, teenage girls could be advised to exercise with rope skipping, cycling, or running around. The information should also have societal role models who are still healthy at old age because they practiced healthy living.
An educational session for teenage boys will have the same information. Simply put, an educational session for teenage boys will have information on healthy eating, societal role models, and exercising regularly (Irish Heart Foundation, 2012 p.9). However, the educational sessions of teenage boys and girls would vary on the types of exercises and role models. For instance, teenage boys could be advised to exercise in games such as football, and boxing.
Stephanie, you have come up with an exceptional example of the “Quinceanera” as a rite of passage among Hispanic teenagers. What you have discussed is true. However, Erevia (n.d, 4) adds that the ceremony has twelve themes, which are taught to teenagers in the ceremony. The author further highlights that some teenagers could be denied the rite of passage if they do not grasp the twelve themes. The same applies to your opinion on the sweet 16 because the One Spirit Learning Alliance (2016, n.p) has a similar opinion on sweet 16.
Nick, I agree with you that the Sater-Mawe people initiate their teenagers into adulthood by asking them to wear gloves filled with bullet ants. As Tinnesand (2011, pp. 14) argues, it is important to note that the Sater-Mawe people come from Brazil hold such ceremonies for their teenage boys. The same applies to your opinion on the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs because Muskin (n.d, pp.2) reveals that both Jewish boys and girls are initiated into adulthood in the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs ceremony.
Erevia, A. (n.d). Quinceanera. Retrieved from http://samc-
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