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English Annotated Bibliography: Online Academic Databases (Coursework Sample)


Assignment 2a: Annotated Bibliography
An annotated bibliography is a list of research sources (the bibliography) with comments about the sources (the annotations).
This assignment requires you to identify the sources you plan to use for your research paper (Assignment 2c), and explain why these soutrces are valuable to your project.
1) Read the articles listed for Assignment 2c. Have chosen: The Swoosh” by Naomi Klein (p. 478)
2) Choose one of these articles to write about. Do not summarize your article for this
3) Formulate a research question inspired by your chosen article — ask yourself what issue or problem you want to explore. Research question, Does the ballon branding of companies such as Nike and Gap have more influence on teenage girls or on teenage boys? 
4) Do research using the library’s online academic databases. Acceptable research sources include academic journal articles, and e-books and print books from academic presses.
5) Revise your research question and do more research as necessary. This research question will appear at the beginning of your annotated bibliography.
6) Once you have a good idea of the argument you want to make in your essay, select the three sources that will be most useful to you in making this argument.
7) Provide your research question at the beginning of your assignment, after the title, but before your first source. Then, using APA format, list the three research sources in alphabetical order and, in a short paragraph after each entry, write a concise summary of each source followed by a short (one or two sentences) explanation of how this source will contribute to your argument.
The summary of each source must include:
- The author’s thesis or central claim
- Key points made by the author to support that claim
- The value of the source to the essay you plan to write: How do you intend to use the
source, and why? How do the conclusions or evidence in the source relate to your own conclusions?
All of your sources must be peer-reviewed. Websites are generally discouraged for academic research.
This assignment (excluding the title page) must not exceed 500 words.
A sample annotated bibliography is available on the library website, under the home tab of the APA guide.


Annotated Bibliography: The Swoosh” by Naomi Klein
Annotated Bibliography 2: The Swoosh” by Naomi Klein
Naomi Klein has difficulty determining if the design policies by Nike has effects on male and female teenagers. The problem to explore is: Does the balloon branding of companies such as Nike and Gap have more influence on teenage girls or teenage boys? To further this research, several materials written by people were of importance as listed here. They will help bring out the pints by the researchers and link to the condition in this case by Klein.
Khafid, B. (2012). Clothing style, music, and media influences on adolescents' brand consumption behavior. Psychology & Marketing, 29(8).The research outlines the effects of choosing clothes by the people and what they find interesting. The brands that teenagers and adolescents prefer will determine that which they buy. Influence on teens by t...
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