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Post Comments: Counselor's Help To Patients (Essay Sample)


This is comments on three students post must have in text citation, scholarly comments, reference page make all comments = in words about 90 words for each comment the question and students posts are added. Chapter 6 from the books Kott only, tip g and h is added you can use the students references. I will send you chapter 4 from tip 42 in the morning. No materials older than 10 years. The three students are Jackie, Bruce and Loretta.


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Jackie believes that early detection of self-harm in patients is possible with a number of strategies such as treating the customer with dignity, love, affection, and respect. Counselors must help patients understand particular codes of ethics while ensuring their confidentiality and privacy. In case of an emergency, a counselor can diagnose his patient, detect the problem, and provide him with all basic medical facilities, as well as psychological treatment so that he doesn't think of harming himself ever again. Meanwhile, the counselors must access all risk-management issues to ensure that his clients avoid self-harm behaviors, and determine what type of measures should be taken to ensure their safety and protection (ACA, 2014).
According to Brucie, assessment is one of the most remarkable steps a counselor needs to take while treating patients with co-occurring diseases. He should not only provide them with proper treatment but also help

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