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The Rising Voice of Women in the Middle East (Essay Sample)

Outline says: \"FINAL ESSAY: The student is totally free to choose the subject of the essay, but has to seek the instructor's approval by email, before starting to write. The student may choose any topic related to Arab cultures, based on his/ her own academic interests. The best template would be to select a cultural product and survey it, with reference to the concepts of Arabness vs. Arabism & modernity vs. tradition. Do not hesitate to ask for the professor's suggestions, if you are short of ideas. The final assignment must show evidence of work on at least two sources: academic article or book from outside the course kit.\" There is no specific number of sources but please include at least 5. I will upload my outline which has been reviewed by my professor. Please try to lean towards the idea of Islam respecting women and the arab culture is in fact the disrepectful culture. source..

The Rising Voice of Women in the Middle East
There has been rapid rise in the cry for women’s rights in the Middle East in recent years. For over decades, the issue of women’s rights was rarely addressed, however, today it has attracted interest of many including human right activists and the media (Brill, 1995). This is as Frances would say it, “we are not victims, but revolutionaries. What happened to us has made us stronger and we will continue.” (Keddie, 2007).
This has led to publications and debates on the same issue. There have been cases reported on violation of women’s rights and in other cases there are women who have stood up publicly in defense of their rights. This has gained root in the Middle East where Islam is the common religion. Therefore, many have taken Islam to be the cause of women discrimination in the society. Islam is the religion with the principles derived from the Quran, the Islamic holy book. It has its beliefs and how women should be treated. In most cases, especially when the west is referring to the rights of the women in the Middle East, they perceive Islam as the oppressor of women and women’s legal rights. It is worth noting however, that the Middle East comprises of Arab speaking people. This is to say that the Middle East is dominantly an Arabic based community.
Therefore, it is wise to view the case of women in the Middle East from two perspectives: firstly, the Islamic perspective, whereby Islam is the religion that is spread in the Arab countries and secondly, the Arab perspective, whereby Arabs have their culture. This Arab culture is oppressive to women especially in the 7th century. This cultural traits are carried forth to the present day Arab culture in some regions while in other regions these traits have faded with time and with social status. On the contrary to the perception of the west towards Islam in the Middle East; Islam brought liberation to women from the oppressive Arab culture. Hence, in this essay, I will look into the discussion on the ideas surrounding the ideology of oppressed women in the Middle East; as well as the free women who can work and exercise their legal rights; the changes taking place today in the Middle East and finally; how the issue of the oppressed relates with the religion of Islam. On this last point, there is close examination towards this ideology and where it was derived from; whether from the religion of Islam or from the Arab culture. One of the arguments is; if the ideology was derived from the Islamic culture; why then do Muslim women elsewhere in the world exercise their rights unlike women in the Middle East.
Like women elsewhere in the world, women in the Middle East have encountered various forms of discrimination (Brill, 1995). This discrimination and oppression is based on their gender and has continued for centuries. This sets women apart, especially women in the Middle East, making it vital to explore the situation of the...
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