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Personal Story Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


You are an extraordinary person living in Malaysia. You are producing a digital story about special days in your life.
Be sure to do ALL of the following:
Use first-person narrative (i.e. I, we).
Cover your profession as a singer, artist, physician, engineer, entrepreneur, elementary school teacher, chef, police officer, etc. Describe your daily professional life and include noteworthy, interesting cultural information.
Discuss your participation in a special occasion such as holidays, a wedding, movie making, a scientific project, cooking TV shows, arts exhibitions, political demonstrations, etc. Describe your days in detail.
Identify aspects of your country that you like and dislike. Explain why.
Make connections with India by drawing from the textbook or online sources.


My Life as an Entrepreneur in Malaysia
Student Name
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My Life as an Entrepreneur in Malaysia
I am an ordinary entrepreneur in Malaysia. The country has been one of the best to invest in, at least before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. Businesses were grooming prior to the pandemic. One of the main factors which have contributed to the stable economic market in Malaysia is the culture of the people and consumer purchasing trends. However, sustainability in the market requires one to understand the culture of the locals and thus align business activities with the culture. As a result, I have also fallen in love with the culture despite being a foreign culture. Although I have made milestones, I face various challenges, with some days involving struggles with the culture in a normal day in my profession.

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