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Nonverbal Communication Application: Emotions Revealed (Essay Sample)


Nonverbal Communication Application Essay 1:
Emotions & Facial Expressions
Your first nonverbal communication essay is designed to increase your understanding of the role our facial and eye expressions play in expressing emotions. For this assignment, you’ll need to read Chapters 4 and 5 and watch the following YouTube clips:
These clips discuss emotions and facial expressions, particularly the work of Paul Ekman. The videos discuss whether emotions are universal, if emotions are the result of nature vs. nurture, and how to interpret facial expressions. The videos also discuss how nonverbal communication is the primary conveyor of our emotions.
To complete this assignment, you should write a 2 page essay addressing the questions below. You will be evaluated on your understanding of course material, your reasoning and synthesis of ideas, and your writing style including grammar and mechanics. All writing assignments should be double-spaced with 1” margins and 12-point font.
Assignment Requirements:
Using the textbook and videos, answer the following questions thoroughly and thoughtfully:
1. Why is it important to study how we express emotions?
2. What are the seven categories of emotion revealed by our facial expressions? And how are those seven categories revealed by our facial muscles?
3. What are the four facial management techniques? In what social situations in your own life would you use each technique (be specific)?
4. What do you think about the conclusion that emotional expressions are universal?
5. How could reading emotional expressions benefit us in our relationships with others?


Emotions Revealed
Emotions are a very important component of one’s life. They literally determine what kind of a person someone is, or would be. They dictate the general conduct of an individual and therefore contribute towards the designation of one’s personality and character. On the other hand, emotions can block the manner in which an individual perceives of responds to even the most obvious scenarios. For example, in the case of a fire in a building, there is usually the urge by an individual to keep away from the building, but then there is the other push that makes one to go in and save those trapped therein. This is the lack of fear and going against emotions.
The seven categories of facial expressions of emotions are surprise, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, contempt and fear. These facial expressions are made possible by the movement of the facial mimetic musculature, most of which are controlled by the cranial nerve. Fear is expressed by a raise in the upper eye lid, inner and outer brow, lip stretch and a jaw drop. Surprise is expressed by the movement of facial muscles in such a manner that the eyebrows are raised, lips stretched and eyes or mouth wide open. Happiness is shown by muscular movements that result in wrinkling of the skin beneath the eyes and backward movement of the mouth’s edges (Matsumoto, 2007).
Joy is shown by the formation of the naso-labial fold and raising of the upper lip. Sadness is shown by the raising of the inner corner eyebrows and the depression of the mouth’s corners. Disgust is shown by the muscular movements ...
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