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Japan and USA Relations (Essay Sample)


Essay on how Social Work and Social Enterprise program of study and related activities will contribute to the advancement of U.S. – Japan relations. Please demonstrate an interest in, and ideally a past commitment to (make one up), furthering U.S. - Focus on Japan's school curriculum, STEAM, Political and laws and their way of doing things differently that makes Japan one of the top countries in the world.


Japan and USA Relations
Japan and USA Relations
The United States is one of the largest economies in the world, associating with the region comes with many advantages. Japan, on the other hand, is one of the most successful democracies in the world and is also classified to be among the region with the large economy. The alliance between Japan and the United States is one of the cornerstones to the American security issues in the Asian part of the world as much as it fundamental to the regional prosperity and stability. According to Nye (2010) U.S – Japan alliance is based on shared interest which includes, human rights institutions, expansion of prosperity, maintaining stability, promotion of economic and political freedoms and maintaining a democratic institution for both regions.
The impact on the world of the two combined diplomatic and economic forces cannot be ignored. Their relationship is a global scope and could positively or negatively affect the other regions depending on what direction the two forces take. Their cooperation range from matters such as resource and environmental protection, women empowerment, development, and global health. Recently they have increased their resources on research and science to fight on matters such as diseases, aging, exploring international space, and personalized medicine. The education sector is not left behind either as the two regions are working to ensure a strong tie in science, education and all other areas.
Japan belongs to some international organizations. Japan, unlike many other Asia nations, has tried to get a membership to a number international organization and this action has continually improved the overall relationship with the United States and other regions (Storz, 2007). Japan has a m

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