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America First And Exceptionalism: Patriotism (Essay Sample)


What is American exceptionalism? How about America First? Do they affect American nationalism and/or patriotism? Discuss as well how these two 'ideologies' affect the US foreign and trade policy?


America First And Exceptionalism

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American exceptionalism is the belief that the nation is distinct and unique because it follows different historical paths regarding laws that govern the other nations. America is not only big and powerful but also the one that came up with liberty and freedom and morally above something known as "Europe". Some Americans presume that a French man by the name Alexis de Tocqueville is the one who came up with the term exceptionalism in the 1830s, but he only did it once, when he called American Society as exceptional. He meant that the nation did not have a culture and science which is not the true meaning; America's democracy being ideological.
Others thought that people like Werner Sombart, came up with the term, but it was not so since he claimed that the United States was capitalist and unfavorably less developed for socialism. Leonard Reagan did so much to increase the fame of the United States in terms of exceptionalism. Reagan declined the transgression given by the then president Jimmy Carter and went ahead to lift the image of the United States in the 1970s and 1980s. The real ideology was brought about by George W Bush and his supporters. As Hillary Clinton joined the exceptionalist bandwagon, it showed a political consensus that Donald Trump denies.
America First refers to overseas policies in the United States, which stresses more on American patriotism and

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