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Development of the Developing World (Essay Sample)

Political Science Research Essay This is the actual essay after the outline you have written order number 00016850. This is worth 40% of my term grade so please write an excellent quality essay. -no grammar/spelling errors. -references (footnotes/endnotes) have to be consistent (any style) and complete (including page numbers) -no factual errors OF ANY KIND. -arguments have to be logically constructed, derived from research and supported by evidence. -conclusions CANNOT be assertions (smashing generalization ARE NOT scholarly conclusions!) -you have to use at least 8 ACADEMIC SOURCES in your essay. -12 size font, times new roman - Double Spaced Outline. -6 pages maximum. and please make sure it is plagiarism free. source..

Development of the Developing World
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Development of the Developing World
The paper will come up with some of the problems that are faced by the world`s developing nations. It will include some of the major challenges that are faced in the process of development. In the paper, there will also be discussions on some of the globalization issues in relation to developing nations. Can these globalization issues hinder the processes of development? Is there any harm to the developing countries? These are some of the major questions that will shape the course of the study in the paper. The paper will provide details on the role of industrialized nations and their impact in the developing world. It will also talk about some of the democracy success in developing countries. Generally, the paper will form a strong analysis that is founded on the economic, political, and cultural analysis of the developing world. This will be important in determining the nature of growth in the developing world. A close look at the developing nations shows that there is no actual development going on. (Kucera, 2007)
When a country is developing, there are some of the basic factors that it seeks to achieve. The aim of the development is to acquire some or even all of the factors that are needed for it to be classified as a developed country. Some of the important factors here are the elements that shape up infrastructure and living conditions. Developing countries face some of the problems that tend to hinder their progress of being part of the developed countries. Poverty is one of the major problems that many countries face. In such situations, people are often faced with lack of proper education, good or adequate food, shelter, and often attached by some of the serious disease. One of the important elements that define developed nations is access to basic needs and health care. The process of dealing with this problem slows down the goal of becoming a developed nation. (Sharpley & Telfer, 2008)
Infectious diseases are a burden in accordance to the development of a nation. They cause deaths of the young people who play a vital role with regards to developing the nation. Lack of access to health facilities leaves people exposed to diseases which in turn affect the productivity capacity of the nation. To effectively deal with this, a nation should invest in research on diseases as well as establishing an effective health care system. There should be a way in which development of vaccines and drugs is prioritized so as to deal with cases of any outbreak. Efforts of finding various preventive measures for these infectious diseases are one of the best ways of reducing poverty in some of the nations. This also upgrades the economic and social development of a country. Health communication is vital for the development of a nation and the continued productivity of its population. The status of h...
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