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Bullying (Essay Sample)

HI! I need an essay about Bullying. This is a group work,we are doing research obout Jk to grade 8 my part is what is bullying. You can use online sourses and book too.Only one page.So I have to answer what is bullying.Three 3 types of bulling(physical, verbal, social,)if I\'m right so something like this. Also maybe you can include since when is a problem if you want. I hope I\'m clear.If you have any question please don\'t hasitate to ask me.Please if you have a book sources don\'t forget to write it down where was published,year etc. source..
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According to Olweus (2004), bullying is a form of behavior towards other individuals that involves acts of hostility with intent to inflict injury or suffering. Bullying takes place between two or more individuals and usually involves an attacker or group of attackers who commit acts of hostility towards one or more injured parties or victims.
The problem of bullying is prevalent in the United States. According to research, bullying is common to all sections of society in the country regardless of social class, race, income and location (Nansel 2001). Bullying affects boys and girls differently. Boys represent the majority of bullying victims, particularly physical bullying involving bodily harm. Girls, on the other hand, suffer most from psychological bullying which may consist of teasing and verbal...
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