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Identify What Career Opportunities Are In The Chosen Coaching Field (Essay Sample)


This is a paper Field of Life coaching the instructions are added there are 4 questions articles are add take what you need this goes alone with the paper 1-1 & 1-2 that you just for me no materials older than 10 years. in text citation, reference page, details much as possible please.


Life Coaching
Institutional Affiliation
Life Coaching
1 Identify what career opportunities are in the chosen coaching field
I find that being a health and wellness coach is a productive field for me given that I find satisfaction in being able to help someone to deal with some of their weaknesses. Being a wellness coach has a variety of career choices like physiotherapy, physical rehabilitation, and fitness instruction (Ellinger & Kim, 2014). A wellness coach is an individual who helps a client improve a section of their physical lives where the client believes that he/she can do better than the existing situation. For instance, an individual who wishes to lose some weight can get a wellness coach in order to be physically fit to enable them to engage in daily physical activities with relative ease. Describe what intention/purpose helps keep a coach motivated in helping others.
2 Describe what purpose/ intention helps keep a coach motivated in helping others
As per my findings, most important purpose for a life coach to keep them motivated in my opinion is passion. Passion is this regard describes the feeling of joy and satisfaction a coach finds in improving aspects of individuals’ lives An individual who finds genuine pleasure in seeing other people improve themselves is priceless to this career path since it is one that will be carried out with the utmost dedication (George, 2013). This is because coaching is a continuous learning process, as the coach learns about the client’s motivation and strength as time goes by, with the client learning to embrace their existing predicament and dedicate their efforts towards meeting the coaching goals.
3 Discuss threats to becoming a successful life coach, considering the purpose stated above
The first and

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