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Healthcare: The Nursing Career (Essay Sample)


section one(1000 words) in what ways does the NMC Code help nurses work compassionately with clients
Section 2(1000 words) in what ways does Egan's SOLER theoretical model of communication and skills support nurses in providing high quality care.
Section 3(1000 words) In what ways does a values based approach and compassionate care enhance nursing practice.
And a brief introduction is required in all the section 200 each and 300 in conclusion.


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The nursing career requires the nurses to follow specific regulations which enhance the ability of the nurses to provide quality healthcare to patients. Therefore, the first section of this paper will focus on the NMC code and the way through which it has helped contemporary nurses. Nurses are required to follow set standards for them to provide quality healthcare to patients. The section will further focus on practicing effectively as one of the NMC sections that nurses should follow for them to provide the necessary care to patients. The second section of the paper will outline the Egan SOLER model of communication. In the nursing sector, nurses require to communicate with the patients to provide the right diagnosis effectively. Hence, the section will further focus on maintaining eye contact as one of the aspects of the Egan SOLER model. The third section will provide an outline of the meaning and importance of a value-based approach in the nursing field. Nurses require to follow particular standards for them to be able to deal with the complex and conflicting values in the workplace. It will also focus on the importance of a compassionate and the benefits that it would bring to the patient and the nurse.
Section 1
NMC Code
The NMC of 2015 code provides the various professional standards and practices for nursing associates, midwives and registered nurses in the UK. It involves different sections which outline the way the midwives and nurses should practice their career to ensure that patients receive quality healthcare. By following the various regulations, midwives are able to ensure a safe delivery to women. In addition, the NMC code analyzes the professional aspects of the nursing career (Swift, 2015). Acting in a professional way is one of the main aspects outlined by the code. Similar to other organization, professionalism is key to the achievement of organizational goals and getting respect and trust from the clients. Therefore, in the nursing career, a nurse ought to get the trust of the patients to enable them to cooperate throughout the treatment process (Chadwick, R., & Gallagher, 2016).
The NMC code mostly outlines direct patient care. It also provides an analysis of other activities that are necessary for nursing practice. The wellbeing of the nurse is equally important to that of the patient. The nurse should be able to operate in a conducive environment for them to be able to provide the best healthcare to the patients (Snelling, 2016). The practices outlined in the code ensures that nurses operate in the most conducive environment possible. Among the other activities outlined by the code in the ways that nurses should work with the community and other groups, leadership, education, and research. Therefore, the application of the various code’s principles and values can be interpreted with respect to these activities. It is important for nurses to understand that the standards and values outlined in the code are not negotiable but should rather be followed (Harrison, 2018). They are set of essential rules that are required of a contemporary nurse. The NMC consists of four sections, which include the prioritizing of people, preserving safety, practicing effectively, and promoting professionalism and trust (Jones, 2016). Each of these sections has guidelines that the nurses ought to understand and follow. Following the standards would result in the wellbeing of both the nurses and the patients.
One area of the code
Practicing effectively
According to this area of the NMC code, nurses should be able to assess the patient’s condition effectively, correctly interpret test results, and provide the best treatment in a...

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