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Last Supper (Essay Sample)

Compare and contrast Tintoretto's “Last Supper” and Leonardo da Vinci's “Last Supper.” (Note: you will need to look this up on the web.) Why is Leonardo's work a good example of the High Renaissance and Tintoretto's work a good example of Mannerism? source..

Last supper
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Last Supper
Leonardo Da Vinci and Tintoretto’s paintings are similar in the subject matter but differ in the narrative choice, symbolism portrayed and the subject matter. The paintings fit all the twelve disciples into the scene. They both separate Judas from the rest of the disciples.
They differ too in many ways. Da Vinci’s painting uses bright colours and by looking can be said to have taken place during the day while that of Tintoretto uses darkness lit by fire and time of the day is not obvious. Da Vinci places the table at the centre with the main people facing the viewer while Tintoretto’s table is to the left of the painting and the main people are looking towards the other. Judas is separated from the rest of the disciples by distance and angels in Da Vinci are painting while that of Tintoretto places him in darkness away from Christ’s illumination (Gurley, 2010).
Leonardo Da Vinci’s work is considered a good example of the High Renaissance due to it high level of harmony. It...
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