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Byron's Lifestyle and his Poetry (Essay Sample)

The Question to awnser is: Can one separate the characteristcally flamboyant \\\"Byronic\\\" lifestyle from Byron\\\'s poetry-or are the two inextricable? The instructions are: Argue a particular point of view on from the question above and cite examples from some of the following Byron readings to support that perspective: She Walks in Beauty They say that hope is happiness When we two parted Darkness To Percy Bysshe Shelley source..


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(14th, February, 2011)

Byron’s Lifestyle and his Poetry
The essay is a close examination Byron lifestyle and his poetry. The intent is to try to establish whether one can be able to clearly distinguish between flamboyant life style from his poetry work. It has been argued time and again that poets, essayist, novelist, playwright among other artists develop work that are closely associated with their daily life. Lord Byron lived between 1788-april 19 1824, he was a well known British poet and an influential romanticist of his time. Among his various works include She Walks in Beauty, When the Two Parted, So, well go no more a roving, Childe Harold as Pilgrimage, Done Juan, They say that hope is happiness and Darkness To Percy By she Shelley (Franklin, 2002).
Most of the woks of his hands are no doubt influenced by the way he lived and thus trying to separate the two; his works and flamboyant lifestyle is something difficult. The words used in his works although they sound shocking more often than not were a description of his own life. It has been noted that most of the infamy that entangled his life has roots on his provocative lifestyle that was characterized by love affairs, incest, sodomy, extravagance as well as accumulation of huge debts.
In order to link the two issues, his lifestyle and his poetry, it is rational to look back at his life and associate it with some of his works. After the death of his father, Byron was brought up after inheriting the name Lord Byron when he was six years; this gave him an opportunity to have a wealth...
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