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Should AEDs be REQUIRED in K-12 schools? (Research Paper Sample)

AEDs help save lives and they are becoming more and more common. Position Question - Should AEDs be REQUIRED in K-12 schools? Questions – AEDs are required in schools in some states – which ones? What age are most people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest? Are the rates of cardiac arrest in school-age children high enough to justify the expense? Should this impact the decision? Are there any factors that make cardiac arrest in children more likely? Are AEDs required anywhere in Michigan, by law? How much do AEDs typically cost? source..
SHOULD AED’S BE REQUIRED IN K-12 SCHOOLS? Name: Course: Professor Name: (December 2, 2011) Should AEDs be Re quired in K-12 schools? Life is very precious and any effort that can help save it would be a great step to the right direction. Medical experts’ advices that there should always be a first aid kit in every environment to cater for any emergency cases (Thygerson, et al., 2010). The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has been very effective in the resuscitation of cardiac progress of a person in that it can revive a patient’s cardiac arrest by reviving of the heart beat. Children are also very delicate when it comes to health matters and immediate action should be taken in case there are any observable symptoms; this means diagnostic tests must be carried out as fast as possible to ascertain the causes. This paper focuses on the issue of AEDs and if they are required in K-12 schools. It ascertains the need for the AEDs given the prevalence rates of heart disease. The cases of heart diseases in the US have dramatically increased; statistics show that heart ailments contribute to the number one killer. In every 33 seconds there is a death related to heart problems where cardiac arrest remains as the leading cause (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (OSHA) 2009). Many people have died with slight or no warning due to the syndrome of cardiac arrest. The most common form of cardiac arrest is from ventricular fibrillation due to change in heart rhythm. Immediate and rapid response to person with such symptoms could contribute to saving a lot of lives. In fact, those visiting coronary care centers with this problem survive if there is immediate external defibrillation. This gives the major need for the presence of AED near public places (Caffrey, 2002). When cardiac arrests occur away from a hospital setting then the chances of the patient surviving if defibrillation is not performed in a few minutes after the attack are very minimal. In every minute that passes after the arrest without defibrillation the chances to revive the patient decrease by 10 percent; this means that in ten minutes the person may be dead (Caffrey, 2002). This is the danger we expose the children to if AEDs are not placed in an accessible place within the school. Imagine if the child is in the classroom or library and the nearest hospital is a 20 minutes drive; the child has zero chances of surviving if he or she is taken to the hospital for therapy. It is therefore necessary to place AEDs in the precincts of the any public, private, parochial, charter, community and vocational to enhance in saving lives (Douglas, 2009). It is with no doubt, that AEDs can help save lives but the use must be well regulated to ensure there is accountability and transparency. Most States have legislation on the health and safety code that require the availability of AED in schools and public places; these include California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, New York, South Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee (Gulli, & American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 2004). Others should follow suit in this gesture given that it will save numerous children in the K-12 schools. However, there should be very clear and well established legal framework in its use given that citizens might misuse it. There s...
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