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Geotechnologies. You must answer all parts of the assignment. (Essay Sample)


You must answer all parts of the assignment to receive full credit. Assignments must be in prose form (do not turn in an outline). Complete assignments should be at least 400 words. You must use and cite at least two sources (e.g. the text, peer-reviewed articles, reputable web pages). Some assignments will ask you to specifically cite the textbooks or other class material. Do not simply quote material in the text and the source, but paraphrase appropriately and use your own words. The text or the outside source must be cited using a standard citation style (APA, MLA, etc.) at the end of the assignment in addition to in-text citations. Citations not using a standard citation style will receive no credit. Wikipedia is not a reliable source – do not cite Wikipedia for academic writing.
Citing BOTH of the textbooks and at least one outside source, answer the following questions. Refer to the rubric and syllabus for more specific instructions on format.:
Define GIS, cartography, remote sensing, and GPS. Pick one of these geotechnologies, and describe how geographers use them using at least one specific example. Do people working in your intended career path employ these tools? How do these technologies impact your day to day life? 
Textbook:  Introduction to Geography: People, Places and Environment, 6th edition, by Carl Dahlman and William Renwick


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a system that created to “capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data” (Research Guides, n.d.). The nature of the data used in the GIS system is that it possesses a spatial dimension. GIS is used to analyze remotely sensed data, and assist in solving problems as well as effective decision-making. Geographers can analyze HIS information to establish the exact location of certain features and their density.

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