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Assignment 505 D2: Epidemiological Studies Impact Interventions (Essay Sample)


505-d2Instruction:Interpret epidemiologic data on morbidity and mortality related to acute and chronic disease states.Clinical Epidemiology: RiskThere are a number of statistics used in epidemiology to describe health status, quantify the extent of disease, and estimate the risk for developing disease or injury. It is essential that nurses be able to locate and interpret these statistics because this information is used to plan and evaluate health services and guide health policy.Characteristics that result in increased chances of disease or injury are known as risk factors. Some are not changeable, such as age or sex, or perhaps geographic location in certain instances. However many can be altered. Recognizing risk, and risk calculations is an important part of epidemiology. Concepts in risk include, exposure, time, causal and non-causal factors, and risk prediction or stratification.


Epidemiological Studies Impact Interventions
Epidemiological studies impact interventions on reducing risks
The health of a general population greatly depends on several factors; these factors are analyzed using epidemiology studies that help in understanding the relationship between individual health status, risk factor and the interaction of health and other harmful agents (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012). Epidemiology is an essential discipline in understanding public health; epidemiology contributes to health promotion and disease prevention practices through an organized effort (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2014).
Improving the health status of a population requires knowledge derived from epidemiological studies translated into practical interventions. For instance, diseases are caused by more than one exposure, like hepatic cancer can be caused by exposure to alcohol consumption or other infections like hepatitis B or C (Agency

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