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Gender differences in cognitive fuctioning (Essay Sample)

The essay has to be about Gender differences in cognitive fuctioning. source..

Gender differences and cognitive functioning
From the date of birth, to the time of death, there is no single time that an individual will ever change from one gender to the other, this means ones born male or female, no single time in the lifetime that a person will ever change this to be of the opposite gender or sex. There are many features starting from physical, audio and natural characteristics that differentiate male individuals with their female counterparts (Brewer, 2004). The different characteristics are the one that bring about the context of gender differences. These differences interfere with their lives and the way they do things. The way these individuals do things, expose their differences much beyond their natural ones. This paper context looks closely at these differences with the main concern being on the cognitive reasoning between the genders (Caplan, 1997).
Cognitive reasoning is the capability of individuals to learn and conceptualize new things. This context demonstrated from the early childhood when an individual had not learnt, to the time when he/she is a grown up and has known many things through learning. This process involves much of mental collections, the capability of ones memory and their ability to be attentive. This process involves the concepts and capabilities of ones reasoning, the ability to understand a particular language, the learning process also the way different individuals approach an issue and make decisions, in the problem solving process. It is also be defined as the ability to process information in the minds and psychological concept of an individual and how they give conclusion about the problem (Brewer, 2004). This paper discusses how the cognitive reasoning appears in the mind of people basing on their gender. We will be comparing the intelligent quotient of the male compared to their male counterparts. It shows different aspects of the individual`s natural and physical factors, which bring differences in their mode of making conclusions regarding particular issues. Shows how looking at the behaviors and particular characteristics of a person, one can judge if the person is a male or a female. Finally, it provides a general conclusion, which discu...
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