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PLEASE USE THIS BOOK TRADITIONS AND ENCOUNTERS - A GLOBAL PERPECTIVE ON THE PAST FIFTH EDITION - JERRY H. BENTLEY AND HERBERT F. ZIEGLER FIFTH EDITION VOLUME 1 FROM THE BEGINNING TO 1500 Please post your thesis sentence before your answer and then again in your answer. That way I can give you some feedback on it. Discussion 1: Comparative Themes: Inequality in the Ancient World This discussion explores a key theme in the Ancient World, that of inequality. While we tend to view equality as “natural” and good in our modern Western mind set, equality as a goal is really a very modern notion, a production of the Enlightenment of the 1700s. Instead, the Ancient World was marked by inequality of some sort in every ancient civilization. We find class and gender inequality in many early civilizations. While many of us will have a bias against such inequality, it is important to study its roots and compare systems of inequality in real civilizations to understand how and why it takes place. For this assignment, answer the following question : Compare the role of either class (or caste) or gender (just one is enough) in two of the civilizations were have examined so far: Mesopotamia, Egypt. What factors promoted the inequality and how did the inequality shape the civilizations? Please post your thesis sentence before your answer and then again in your answer. That way I can give you some feedback on it. source..

Essay Question

Since early history, before civilization the male gender has always been considered as being more dominant than the female gender. In this paper, a study of ancient gender inequality in two different civilizations will be carried out. In addition, one will seek to find out how this inequality between genders shaped the civilizations. One of the main comparisons that can be made of the two civilizations, this being Mesopotamia and Egypt, is the gender inequality that existed. Women in these civilizations were not given a chance in society. However, as much as this is the case, the women gender in Mesopotamia experienced more inequality than the Egyptians (Bentley, Ziegler, 2010). This is because, during the early civilization, Egyptian believed in goddesses. This gave women a more important role to play. Most women were however not respected and were badly treated.
However, women who came from privileged families were well respected than those who came from poor backgrounds. In both civilizations, women were only meant to work in the house or the kings’ place. No woman was allowed to express herself through artwork or any other form of expression (Bentley, Ziegler, 2010). However, marriage alliance in the old civilization was critical in maintaining relationships between the kingdoms in Egypt. However, while this might have helped the kingdoms women were not given a chance to choose whom they wanted to marry. Forced marriages to maintain relationships between kingdoms, demonstrates the sort of gender inequality that women in both societies faced. However, this gender `inequality helped shape the two societies to what they are today. In today’s civilization, men are still regarded as being more important than women in both societies are. This is due to the influence of earlier societies befor...
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