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The Self (Essay Sample)

The Self Using your completed Who am I twenty statements test, and citing examples as appropriate, write a journal entry that answers the following questions: Does your self-view seem more independent or interdependent? What is an example of the evidence on your test and why do you think this is so? Does your culture or gender play a role? Are the concepts listed ones that differentiate you from others, or are they attributes that indicate you are similar to others? Are there some of both? Is your self-perception as listed a looking glass self ? How much does it rely on social comparisons to others? What self-schemas do you have? Now that you have had time to think about it, would you replace or change any of your 20 statements? source..

The Self
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My friends and I have just taken the Twenty Statements Test and compared the results. I knew we had similar personality traits but I am amazed at how alike we really are!
I have re-affirmed that my self-view is very independent since it is based on what I think of myself rather than how I relate or connect with people around me. I am a strongly opinionated person this has worked to my disadvantage at times since I end up getting into arguments and never accept defeat.
Most of my friends, the male ones and females alike, and I share an impulsive, adventurous and liberal nature. My punctuality however, is unrivalled amongst my friends and that is a trait I carry with utmost pride. It is also great to know that those traits are a reflection of me, as a person- not my gender.
What I think of myself is not a reflection of what others perceive of me. I would not term my personality as the ‘looking glass` type. I think that the fact that I am surrounded by like-minded people who share the same interest and goals, has cemented my personality rather than swaying me towards a different trait.
My schema tends t...
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