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Family of Origin: Values, Beliefs and Customs (Essay Sample)


Family of Origin Paper: A person’s family of origin has presumably been the most powerful influence on how we think, feel, behave and interact with others. Before a person can work as a human service professional, he/she must first take a look at their own lives, to include their family of origin system and he/she must also explore the positive and negative influences one’s family of origin has on current relationships. In this paper, you will discuss in depth the values, beliefs, customs, implicit and explicit expectations, and attitudes from your family of origin. In addition, you will discuss the family dynamics you identified within your family of origin. You will also reflect on how your personal experiences (e.g. family dynamics) may influence the work you do as a helper. The body of your paper must be 3 pages, and you will also need to include a title page, most recent edition of APA. And three outside scholarly sources.
I am from the Caribbean island of Trinidad, I came to this country America at the age of 13. Leaving my mom behind to take care of my little brother, I came to America to live with my dad and middle brother. I grew up with my mom and grandmother in a very poor part of Trinidad, both my mom and grandmother were stay at home parents, they were homemakers. One important value my mom and grandmother taught me was never forget where you came from, and be independent. In Trinidad our poplar customs,is Carnival which takes place February every year this is a celebration of colors and masqueraders partying in the streets.
In my home religion was our belief my grandmother and mom both were staples in the church and in our community. We were catholic and as kids had to follow. We had to pray every day and live by the bible rules, this is what kept us grounded.
Expectations of my family was for the kids to grow up and make better for them self, be somebody, get a good education stay focus and keep a good head on your shoulder.
Attitudes from my family of origin were always, loving, caring and lots of laughter. Because no matter where we came from what we've been through we were always their for each other.
My family dynamics were Church on Sunday and once a week family dinner to stay connected.
My personal experiences and where I came from. I am a humble person, I'm also very loving and believe in family. I work with females and have taught them about team work and the importance of family wither it's at work or home, iv'e also learned the importance listening and trying my best to accomplished all I set out to do work and at home.
To the writer please feel free to add in your own words to my work.
Hi please feel free to add to my writing, it doesn't have to be a true essay it could have fiction,
I would be traveling from Wed-Monday the 8/5 if you have any questions you can send a message.


Family of Origin
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Family of Origin
An individual is recognised heavily by the family background and cultural practices demonstrated in routine lives. The role of family or origins (FoO) is inevitable for an individual, particularly while working in a corporate world. By definition, FoO refers to the association of an individual with siblings and caretakers that play a direct role while defining upbringing. The FoO is created either by biological or adopted family that integrate range of experiences and cultural aesthetics collectively (Timmons, 2019). This paper is reflection of my FoO, which would focus individually on culture, attitude, expectations and dynamics that are injected into my lifestyle and decision-making significantly.
Values, Beliefs and Customs
Family values and customs refer to traditions and functions that are based on various beliefs and ideals. Family values and customs are the combination of moral and ethical benchmarks that are passed from generations (Hassan, 2018). Personally, I belong to Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean). Our customs have reflections of Europe, Africa, Indiana, Spain and Arab countries collectively. Caribbean has strong relationships with the United Kingdom (UK), which makes us good in lingual aesthetics of English.
Arguably, religion is an embedded aspect of our custom. Our belief in God is inevitable and we give utmost priority to our prayers. Particularly it is due to the role of my grandmother and mother towards churches in Caribbean. The two female figureheads of my family served as the staples in the church and within our community, which makes our religious custom affirmed as compared to other FoO in the surroundings significantly.
Implicit and Explicit Expectations
Expectations in a family are holistically similar but create distinctions while practiced. In FoO, expectations are the set of rules defined to ensure members are living in a harmonious and correct manner. Generally, expectations in FoO are implicit or explicit in nature (Astrachan, Botero, Astrachan & Prugl, 2018). Explicit expectations are overt and discussed during upbringing in particular. In my family, explicit expectations are respect of elders, either relation or non-relation. We are taught to give respect and importance to our elders in the surroundings regardless the situation.

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