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Early Memories (self-exploration paper) (Essay Sample)

Put together a 2 page self-exploration paper about your earliest memories. Keep in mind that some memories may not actually be memories, but your understanding of an experience as it might have been explained by a family member. Often times, parents or grandparents tell us stories of our early years and when internalized these stories can lead us to develop false memories about the experience. Write this paper is APA style. Use the following prompts to write about your memories: ◦What are your earliest childhood memories? What is the earliest point in your life you can remember? ◦Are the events you remember generally good or bad? Why do you think you stored these memories? Is this memory a real memory or one that you have developed from hearing others talk about it? ◦How would you rate your memory? What methods do you use to remember important information? ◦Is the memory very detailed or like a dream, where only certain parts can be remembered? ◦Don't be afraid to ask a family member if your memory is accurate with their recollection of the event. source..

Early Memories
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There is a myriad of memories from my childhood. The earliest of them was when I experienced rainfall for the first time. It was a mild shower coming from the skies. Soon it was a torrent of rain and I watched it fall from a balcony where my mother had sheltered us. It was a beautiful experience. I was only two years old. The clarity in which I remember that experience makes me question its reality.
A large amount of my memories are hilarious stories that my parents and close relatives have told me. Most of them are very funny and good memories such that I wish they were recorded on tape. There is this peculiar story that my mother told me that when I was about one year old I played with the sunrays, which filtered through the bedroom curtains. The rays reached all the way to my baby cot. I played with them and tried holding the golden rays with my hands. It became a fun struggle that left me catching no ray at all, and I would giggle and laugh to myself. My mother told me she would think that I was playing with my guardian angel!
I hold such memories dearly. I believe memories are crucial in self-identity and realization. Those things human beings do while the mind is young and uncorrupted come a long way in defining who the person really is. If...
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