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Poetry analysis essay (Essay Sample)

Poetry title: “My Papa's Waltz”(1948) Theodore Roethke / “Photograph of my Father in his Twenty-Second Year”(1983) Raymond Carver / “The courage that my mother had”(1954) Edna St. Vincent Millay. Hi, here is the instruction. write a 1100 words essay that analyzes poems. The essay must closely examine at the three poems that cover the same theme. Thank you! source..
Name : Course Name : Instructor’s Name : Date of Submission : Memory of the past The past memories Parenting is very important in shaping ones future. Children never forget what they have gone through in their lives and therefore parents should taken caution of their action. The poems titled, “My Papa’s Waltz” (1948) by Theodore Roethke, “Photograph of my Father in his Twenty-Second Year” (1983) by Raymond Carver and “The courage that my mother had” (1954) by Edna St. Vincent Millay reflects on the poets' relationships with their parents when they were kids. Reading through them expresses how each of the poets was trying to assess the essential relationships in their own childhood through exploration of the meaning of their interactions with the parents. This paper explains how in each poem a sense of loss or disappointment and a sense of anger is analyzed. The different poets were considering the ways in which his or her father or mother betrayed them. The following is analysis of each of the above mentioned poems. My papa waltz Theodore Roethke is one of the great American contemporary poets. His poem has raised a lot of contrivances as people try to understand his message through the poem, “My Papa’s Waltz”. His main idea was to express to the audience the different moments of affection he underwent as a little boy with his father regardless of the dangers these moments posed to him. His father according to the poetry had different traits which reflect why he behaved differently in different occasions. For instance, the first two lines of the poem, “The whiskey on your breath/ could make a small boy dizzy” signifies how his father was a drunkard and key to his writing. This is also shown in line 11, “At every step you missed”, this speaks to the audience how the father’s state of drunkenness can be hazardous and occurred frequently. Regardless of the state of his father it is very evident that the boy really enjoyed his fathe...
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