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Aspects of Psychology (Essay Sample)

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Aspects of Psychology
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Aspects of Psychology
In the discussion, one can conclude that human memories are their own personal diaries. They sometimes lock it up, or they use the information they experience, see, learn, hear, discuss, and even feel for their own advantage. Keeping the thoughts fresh and having a positive attitude about life, in addition, to not allowing stereotypes to change thoughts are significant to having successful memory. Sometimes, human beings ought to dump information from memory in order that they create new ones. This is quite significant. Great memories that most people contain are the ones they have had in spending with their loved ones. However, there exist the dreadful memories because all people must go through some things that cause fear, negative emotions, worry and even trauma. This essay, hence, will provide one with new ideas on how to use the strategies for purposes of improving their own memory consolidation or retrieval. Therefore, human diaries are their life stories, and how they want to remember is upon them. Tracing the memory System
Tracing the memory system involves three processes. First process is encoding. Here, the sensory receives and registers information of the stimuli into the sensory channels. Afterwards, the information is lost after briefly stored. Attended information then moves to the Short-term memory. Second process is the storage, in which case, this is where physiological change takes places in order for the information to be stored. Rehearsal then processes information from the Short-term memory to the long-term memory (Psychology, 2009). The last process involves the retrieval. Here, one retrieves information that has undergone storage originally when the encoding process was taking place. Therefore, that makes the tracing of memory from the stimuli into the long-term memory as the diagram illustrates (Psychology, 2009). Fig.1. Model of Memory (Saul, 2007)

Features of Each Step
Sensory memory holds information for a few seconds. It inputs from the environment and involves the senses (Davis & Palladino, 2012, 261). On the other hand, the short-term memory holds information for 15-30 seconds. It has focused attention, and repeats. It links with other information. Its capacity have a limitation, in which case it might be of about seven pieces of information (this might be a demonstration of Miller (1956) studies, which entailed the magical numbers of seven, minus or plus two). Miller (1956) asserts that by chunking information into various parts will make one remember easier. For instance, the numbers “36247627981” might be a problem to remember at once. Splitting the numbers into chunks will make it possible. A tactic called maintenance rehearsal can increase short-term memory. The primary effects that associates with long-term-term memory enhance recall of information when there is no information stored in sh...
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