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Dreams come true, becoming closer to one's dreams (Theme A) (Essay Sample)

MEETING 1 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS OPERATIONS ASSIGNMENTS TBA All information regarding themes, where to post pictures and more can be found in the file Meeting 1 Notes. + MEETING 2 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS OPERATIONS ● Complete 2 Operations-Specific Presentation Slides, one for Theme A and another for Theme B ● Discuss tying in sponsorships for decor (where might we say ‘decorations brought to you by...' at the event?) ● Determine which elements of the operations will differ from each theme and which will remain the same NOTE: Determining what will need to be split up amongst multiple slides will ultimately be up to you. There is no limit to slides, but there shouldn't be less than 8 slides for the operations section. You can also always refer to the Meeting Notes document in our Drive for additional information and ideas. + THEMES A) Start with a Winning Hand (Victory with job, victory with life) (Positive Energy, Success, could also refer to graduation) (Inspiration, desire to move to the next level in career) (Dreams come true, becoming closer to one's dreams) (Cards, Jackpots, games, everyone can win) B) You Survive The End of the World, Now Get a Job! (Surviving college, time for a career) (James Bond, Dirty suit handing out flyers) (Castaway, the Wilson Volleyball) (End of world is cancelled) (World didn't end, it's time to get your act together) (You survived, luck you! Now get a job!) (A whole new career mixer) PRESENTATION A) (Cards as invitations on a table) (Writing invitations on the white board) (Blackjack Tables) (Pretend you're from hotel/location) B) (Wilson Basketball, put invitations in the head) (Wilson on a mannequin) (The end of the world didn't happen; looks like you'll have to get a job) (You survived, you earned it! But now you have to get a job) (Room-to-room in a ruined suit promoting the event) MARKETING Social Media Pages Our own page HAK TAIWANESE ASSOCIATION HOTEL ASSOCIATION UNLV BEVERAGE CLUB Instagram Chinese Association Japanese Association Greek Life On Campus AREAS TO POST Dorms Student Union BEH Posters in the Bathroom CBC Dining Commons Interversity WHY ARE WE POSTING IN THESE LOCATIONS? FLYERS Attach them to posters Next to scantrons in SU Bulletin boards Tabletops Rotating stands in SU source..
Theme A: Dreams come true, becoming closer to one`s dreams
Do dreams come true? This is a question that lingers in most minds. The answer is simple; each dream can come true it depends on the persons behind the dream. If one looks around there are a lot of people who have lived up to their dream because they dared to dream. This includes the founder of Microsoft: Bill gates, and the founder of Apple corporations: the late Steve jobs. These two are superb examples of what can happen to an individual who dreams and pursues their dreams. It is not a one night thing. One has to face challenges and disappointments. The road to realizing ones dream may be long an...
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