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Definition of intuition by use of Benner's model (Essay Sample)

Question 1. How would one appropriately define intuition using Benner's Model? Question 2 In the article by Burket et. al., Benner's novice to expert model is applied to a clinical ladder program in some hospitals. If you were working as a nurse for one of these hospitals, would it motivate you to improve your work ethic? Why or why not. Give an example source..

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Question 1: definition of intuition by use of Benner’s model
Intuition is one of the major characteristics of expertise. According to Benner, institution means that the nurses has rapid perception, related presence of emotions, and finally, have to fully understand the situation of the problem. Emotions are important in intuition because lack of emotions and more so to patients with problems of the nervous system, will affect instinctive decision making. However, he insists that intuition is what nurses in their decision making about a patient and what steps to take when approaching a patient. In addition, he uses the word to imply personal knowledge that a nurse has or the sixth sense that helps nurses in their day to day activities in the hospital setting and it assist them in making a quick assessment of the situation at hand. This intuition affects the outcomes of patients (Daley, 1999).
Question 2: impact of Benner’s novice to expert model to a nurse
This model helps in that it gives insight into how experience is gained from a pe...
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