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This is an Introduction to conflict studies class. We are working from book.Jean-Francois Rioux and Vern Neufeld Redekop. 2013. Introduction to Conflict Studies: Empirical, Theoretical, and Ethical Dimensions. (Don Mills: Oxford University Press). I need 3 more sources. The short essay should be 5 pages plus bibliography. In the text, students will develop a topic based on an insight that comes out of the readings. They will follow these steps: - Identify their insight; - Expand on the insight using additional sources to argue, question, or critique; - Explain why it is important for understanding conflict or conflict transformation; - Indicate what aspects of this insight they have personally appropriated and why. Clearly define question, satement.So I'm flexibel about the topic but the writer have to have a book or read the first three chAPTER OR LOOK AT IT TO HAVE SOME IDEA. I GOING TO SCAN THE CHAPTERS TITLE BUT THE BOOK IS NECESARY! IONLY HAVE HARD COPY+3 OTHER SOURCES TOO. pLEASE IF THE WRITER HAS ANY CONCERN CONTACT ME. There will be more orders fro this class based on the above-mentioned book. It is a must to have access tot hat book. source..

Conflict can be termed as an articulated struggle between two or more inter-reliant parties that perceive incompatible scare resources, goals, as well as interference caused by others from attaining their goals (Rioux & Redekop, 2013). When the word conflict is mentioned, different things and scenarios run through the minds of different people. Various theorists have defined conflicts in varying ways according to their logical reasoning. In a better understanding of conflict, the book called “Introduction to Conflict Studies” by Jean-Francois Rioux in conjunction with Vern Neufeld Redekop brings a great insight through all the lessons involved regarding conflict and all its aspects.
Conflict is seemingly one of the main defects of societies’ development and well-being. This is because through the increased rates of conflicts at all levels, the society’s strength and moral standards deteriorates daily. There is comprehensive elaboration of the different structures of conflicts and the levels of disputes likely to erupt as a result. In addition, conflicts can progress from one level to the other depending on the way it is dealt with and the willingness of the parties involved solving it. The book brings an understanding that various features are likely to form a conflict that includes parties involved. Disparities may arise in an occasion of conflict where people try to perceive the involved parties in the conflict. At times, some people may be surprised to find out that they are involved as a party in the conflict. On the other hand, some people may be shocked to realize that they are not included in a certain disagreement. In addition, some people seen or thought to be part of a social system such as family, work team, and company among others, are influenced in participating in the dispute. People are likely to take sides whether an individual is participating directly or not involved at all, depending on the existing perceptions of the past issues, relationships, the duties within the area of conflict as well as other factors.
Understanding conflicts is very important since they are destructive if not resolved on time, regardless of their stages or levels. More so, it has proved to be dangerous in other occasions where there is aggression and violence that has resulted to war and deaths as well as numerous injuries. For instance, conflicts between or among the nations have emerged very hazardous as it has claimed numerous lives of innocent people. In the contemporary world conflicts among nations has increased due to varied reasons like selfish gains of other country’s resources, quest for political power, among others that have left numerous countries at the mercy of reinforcements during wars. In other occasions, the conflict may be magnified by the fact of intervention or reinforcement, since such countries that have intervened may be involved and become a...
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