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Conflict as a concept (Essay Sample)

Part 1: Looking at conflict in the contemporary World. \"Conflict as a concept\" Only one source!!!! Jean-Francois Rioux and Vern Neufeld Redekop. 2013. Introduction to Conflict Studies: Empirical, Theoretical, and Ethical Dimensions. (Don Mills: Oxford University Press You can not work from other sources!!!!! Please write one page of reflection about the reading. What do you think about the reading. source..
Conflict as a Concept Name: Institution: Tutor: Date: Conflict as a concept Conflict can basically be defined as an articulated resist between two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, limited resources, and hindrance in achieving their goals (Rioux & Redekop, 2013). Conflict in the contemporary society can take various levels ranging from conflict between sexes to conflict between organizations to conflict between states. In the book Introduction to conflict studies, Jean Rioux and Vern Neufld present a vast array of theoretical writing on the nature, causes, dynamics, and ethical issues of all levels of conflict. Therefore, this literature seeks to review the impressive intellectualism that has been capably presented by the two authors on conflict, its escalation, and the management techniques applied in resolving conflict. Reflection on the Reading Conflict stems from unsatisfied human wants, people usually represent their interest, but not their underlying wants. However, they will apply power and coercion to settle those wants consequently resulting to conflict. In the modern world, the concept of conflict has a new redefined comprehensive meaning. Different levels of conflicts are presented as not always being dysfunctional for the relationship within which they occur, and such conflicts are vital to maintai...
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