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Descriptive Outline: Global Warming Terrifying New Math (Coursework Sample)


Read the article and write the descriptive outline, there is an example in the attachment and it was done by the teacher. The descriptive outline can be either divided by each paragraph or several paragraphes that have similar meanings. The topic outline should be written in phrases or words, just put the topic outline after the descriptive one. Thank you!

Descriptive Outline
Topic Outline:
Global Warming Terrifying New Math
1 The First Number: 2° Celsius
2 The Second Number: 565 Gigatons
3 The Third Number: 2,795 Gigatons
Thesis: This article focuses on three numbers coined to demonstrate how climatic change is a serious problem that needs urgent solutions irrespective of political affiliations or economic losses.
Paragraph 1:
Says: Statistics shows that climatic change is a reality and its effects are already biting
Does: Factual information to support the climatic change assertion
Paragraph 2:
Says: Meteorological data shows temperatures are on the rise around the globe
Does: Quotes evidence of places with high-temperature readings
Paragraph 3:
Says: World leaders have been reluctant to take a bold step and curb climatic changes
Does: Facts and opinions that support the levels of denial held by leaders across the world
Paragraph 4:
Says: Climatic change is perceived through ideological, theological and economic angles using three simple numbers.
Does: Quotes UK report that explains global warming using three arithmetic figures.
1 The First Number: 2° Celsius
Paragraph 5:
Says: The Copenhagen Conference was convened to deliberate on ways to curb climate change
Does: Opinions and background of the conference
Paragraph 6:
Says: Copenhagen discussions hit a dead end for not coming up with an enforcement mechanism
Does: Quotes and phrases coined by the media to describe the failed conference
Paragraph 7:
Says: The accord came up with 20C to describe the ceiling temperature for the planet
Does: Factual information on how the number came up
Paragraph 8:
Says: A comparative analysis showing the chilling reality of what 20C means to the planet compared to what 0.80C increase has done
Does: Comparative data on the corresponding effects of the two figures to show what a 20C means to the planet
Paragraph 9:
Says: It is ironic that many world leaders settled for the 20C target despite scientifically verified information showing it is harmful to the planet
Does: Factual data showing the countries which agreed or opted out of the accord
2 The Second Number: 565 Gigatons
Paragraph 10:
Says: Scientists came up with a rough figure of 565 gigatons of CO2 needed to maintain earth’s temperature below 20C and chances to show its efficacy a phenomenon they branded ‘Carbon Budget.'
Does: Analogical explanation of the probability associated with the 565 gigatons figure
Paragraph 11:
Says: The validity of that number has been backed by various scientific information
Does: Description of the information backing up the data and few opinions by various climatologists regarding the figures.
Paragraph 12:
Says: Despite various policies in many world economies to reduce carbon emissions, they seem to be increasing carbon emissions
Does: Based on statistics, facts that support the 565 figure with its expected doom period
Paragraph 13:
Says: Rio conference has yielded almost nothing in deliberating on ways to curb the climate change
Does: background information on Rio conference and description of how scientific data has been overlooked
Paragraph 14:
Says: To-date, the conferences have barely made progress and due to political inaction and scientific warnings ignorance
Does: A suggested alternative method that can help address the situation
Paragraph 15:
3 The Third Number: 2,795 Gigatons
Says: The third number of 2795 gigatons
Does: Description of the origin of...
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