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History Cold War: Cuban Missile Crisis, October 16-28, 1962 (Research Paper Sample)


you only need to do the bolded events: 8 11 12 15 16 please do the length same as the example that i provide to you. and you need to mention the temperature of each events. lable the events that you wrote. thx a lot

Cuban missile crisis: October 16-28, 1962
It involved a 12 day confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United states. It happened as the Soviet Union began building missiles in Cuba. America was worried that the Soviet Union would attack them from Cuba due to the proximity. Crisis is placed at 90 degrees as confrontation almost sparked a war.
Brezhnev takes power.
The crisis is placed at In May 1960, Khrushchev named Brezhnev as president of the Soviet Union (USSR). On 15th October 1964 he was made the first secretary of Soviet communist party replacing Khrushchev. There was competition of nuclear arms production between the USSR and the USA. The six day war in the Middle East saw the Arab states equipped by the Soviet Union while the US equipped Israel. The crisis is placed at 50 degrees, both sides were still in competition.
Gorbachev takes power:
Gorbachev came into power in 1985 and he announced of a policy called glasnost. The policy gave opportunity to citizens of USSR to express themselves through publications of banned books and opening churches. He introduced perestroika which was focused on reviving the economy by allowing private developers to operate. This crisis is placed at 10 degrees because the acts were more beneficial rather than harmful
Detente policy and Nixon’s visit to Moscow
Détente was a period of improved relation between the United States and Soviet Union. It was marked by the visit of President Nixon and had a meeting with Leonid I. Brezhnev. They signed severa...
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