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Climate Change is a Serious Social Problem (Essay Sample)


Paper #2 Instructions

This 4-8 page paper asks you to use course concepts to analyze how a social problem was framed by a generation, population, or group of people. Unlike your last paper, this paper must be in APA format with a full references list (on the last page of your paper). This references list should not have internet links nor should it use sources which are not academic journals in the field of sociology. I also expect APA style in-text citations. For information, see the citation template I have provided you on UB larns- it includes both in-text and reference page citations (as a template).


Climate Change is a Serious Social Problem
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Social Sciences
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Climate Change is a Serious Social Problem
It was the Swedish Chemist Svante Arrhenius who predicted in 1896 the occurrence of climate change in the future. Svante noticed the industrial revolution and observed that there is an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere (Climate Intervention, 2015). Furthermore, he was convinced that carbon the concentrations of carbon dioxide will keep on increasing because of the fossil fuel consumption in the world. How he understood the effect of carbon dioxide to the Earth made him foresee that if carbon dioxide in the atmosphere doubled, it would become warmer. There was not much attention given to the issue at the time and the generations of today are still suffering from the neglect that happened during that time.
In 2015, it was observed that there is an above-normal tendency for climate change in Japan, except if it is during the summer and autumn months. During March in northern Japan, there were recorded

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