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Summary And Analysis, Cultures, Societies: Human Influence (Book Review Sample)


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Summary and Analysis
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Summary and Analysis
Climate change has been a global problem affecting all cultures and societies. Human influence is identified as the primary cause of global warming with increased greenhouse gas emissions. This has led to an enormous impact on both human and natural systems; this has been the case since 1950 when the changes were first observed. Most of the changes today were not expected for decades even millennia. They included the ocean and atmosphere warming up while the snow and ice at the poles lessen. Anthropogenic (meaning caused by human activity) greenhouse gas emissions have increased from the pre-industrial period; industrialization has been the backbone of economic and financial growth globally. However, this has been at the cost of increased pollution of the atmosphere. The changes due to increased emissions include more extreme weather and climatic events such as increased warmer temperatures and decreased low temperatures, warmer oceans, and increased sea levels. It is expected that continued emissions of the green gasses will result in a long-lasting and permanent impact on the planet’s climate. However, limiting climate change will necessitate a substantial and constant reduction in greenhouse gasses coupled with adaptation. Therefore the risks of climate change can be limited. In other words, to reduce and manage climate change, adaptation and mitigation are harmonizing strategies that can be used. Therefore, by significantly reducing the emissions in the next few decades, it can reduce the risks associated with climate change during the 21st century and beyond. This will further increase the prospects for actual adaptation thus reducing the cost and challenges of long-term mitigation. However, for this implementation to take place cooperation and policies have to be practical at all scales. Meaning that countries ...
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