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Research & Discuss Some Challenges Related to Use of Force (Essay Sample)


Challenges Related to Use of Force
Police training requires officers to know when and how to use force based on departmental guidelines. Police officers use a standard set of procedures and tools to carry out their duties related to use of force. For example, police officers may restrain, hit, kick, push, choke, or threaten suspects with flashlights, batons, or chemical sprays. They may also use dogs, guns, or handcuffs in certain circumstances. Police officers have the authority to use the amount of force reasonable and necessary to control a given situation. The public expects police to know when to apply appropriate use of force and how to avoid excessive use force. It is vital for police officers to employ the use of force effectively without violating established ethical and legal guidelines.
For this Discussion, you examine several cases in which the Supreme Court ruled on issues related to appropriate use of force by law enforcement.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Day 4 two challenges the police faced in the Supreme Court cases related to using force against suspected offenders. Then, explain whether you agree or disagree with the decisions made by the Supreme Court and explain why. Finally, provide one example of a situation where it might be appropriate for the police to use force or deadly force and explain why the police might choose that course of action. Be specific and use the Learning resources to support your response.


Challenges Related to Use of Force
Challenges Related to Use of Force
The use of force by the police is very necessary and is allowed under specific situations. The use of such force can only take place when an officer is defending oneself, individual, or a group of individuals. The agreed definition of use of force can be described as the amount of effort that is actually needed by police to compel force that is pushed by resistant subject. Police officers should only ...
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