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Seriously Heated Debates: Hate Crimes Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Midterm Paper Requirements: 1,000-2,000 words APA format Use at least 8-10 sources Sources must be recent nothing older than 2010 Topic: Hate Crimes Be sure to cover polar opposites like Black Lives Matter and White Supremacy


Hate Crime
Hate Crime
Hate crimes are generally motivated by racial and sexual prejudices among other aspects. They tend to come up where one or a group of persons think or perceive their racial orientation to be superior to others. This is a topic that draws some seriously heated debates and one that most people will try to avoid at all costs relative to the level of backlash involved (Miller, 2016).
For years, the minority in America have been placed in a position that contrary speaks to the so called American Dream. This makes the element of equality an illusion. Despite the level of research that has gone into this topic the much evidence that is presented, there seems to be a much more senile problem lying within (Richardson, 2016). In the recent development, there have been a movement towards the efforts of making sure that the African American and the minorities' community is not subjected to brutality from the police. This is relative to the fact that, there have been incriminating evidence showing some level of hate crime associated with the efforts ...
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