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The Drug Use And Crime Cycle: Challenges Facing The Court System Today (Essay Sample)


Please write at least 6-8 good and constructive paragraphs supporting your answer.
List one case study involving court communications and explain the pros and cons.


Court System
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Court System
In order to achieve success in the court system, the leaders should have the proper strategy for it to be effective. Their communication has to be clear, and act accordingly as they create solutions to fight crime and especially terrorism. Some of the challenges people face today are guns, gangs, street violence, terrorism, human trafficking, and cybercrime.
A major challenge facing the court is forensic evidence and how it is needed in the court. The main issues include the collection of evidence in crime scenes, how it receives interrogation in the laboratory, the interpretation it receives within the case, and the role it plays in conviction (O’Brien, et. al.,2015). Once the evidence is presented in the courtroom, operational problems and shortcomings start to occur.
The drug use and crime cycle are also a problem because about 50 to 80 percent of men are positive for drugs when they are checked after being arrested. Most of the challenges they face are the implications that come with it and their meaning.
The juvenile offenders need to be examined because in the coming years, their research should focus on them. There is a confusion if the court system is looking for major arrests or misdemeanor, if they should give more importance to community safety or restorative justice. These are focuses they need to determine.
The factor of reliability is another challenge that needs to be taken into consideration. This comes from case decisions wherein the court would say that the evidence is unreliable due to methodological issues even if they have been made clear. For instance, judgments about specific problems associated with the lack of honesty in the database.
Women violence is an issue that also needs to be resolved. Based on research, approximately 1.3 million women experience physical assault from their own intimate partner in each year. Furthermore, stalking is more rampant than what people expect. The court system has to improve their response on this type of crime.
The CCE Cambodian study highlights that over the course of 14 years, there was approximately 770,000 people who experienced land grabbing and more than 145,000 people were transferred against their will to Phnom Penh. If a person dared to oppose, they would experience suppression. There was a documentation of 232 arbitraries by the leaders of society, lawyers, monks, activists, protestors, politicians, and journalists. The arbitraries are about land issues and the perpetrators of crimes have experienced impunity.
The advantage that Cambodians had when this happened is their strong desire to have...
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