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Article Respond: Was Your Food Made By Slaves By Kevin Clarke (Essay Sample)


Watch the article( see on the picture) and answer the three questions. The last two pictures are provide for question 3( two value of Jesus-value)


Article Response
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Article Response
The article, “Was your food made by slaves” by Kevin Clarke shows very clearly that the foods that most people consume today have been made by slaves. It is sad to note that the food marketplace in today’s world is utilizing mostly on slavery and forced labor to make billions of dollars. “Food companies earn almost $9 billion per year” (Clarke 2017). Clarke further argues that the cocoa that produces the chocolate distributed in many parts of the world is harvested by children from West Africa. He also asserts that most of the produce in the U.S is associated with forced labor. Clarke claims, “Undocumented workers in the U.S are used as prisoners” (Clarke 2017). The article also points out that there is forced labor in Asia, especially in Thailand and Indonesia. As a result of this, international organizations have come out very strongly to oppose the use of forced labor and slavery in food production. As the author puts it, a notable international organization that has sought to fight the problem is the International Labor Organization. The ILO has pointed out that forced labor in the food marketplace is a worldwide problem that should be addressed with immediate action. In order to address the issue, the global community has been under pressure to deal with slavery and human trafficking.
From the article, it is true that forced labor and slavery have tainted the food marketplace. I agree that the huge demand for foods and the high level of competition has played a major role in encouraging the use of forced labor in the production of food products. This is an indicatio

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