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Illegal Organ Transplants: The Major Sources Of Organs (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This must be a LITERATURE REVIEW. The literature review must be double spaced in APA Format
with no abstract. I need a title page with a running head and a reference page with all references
and at least four of the references should be peer reviewed sources. One source must be from an
academic journal. The Literature review must follow the details below for the level headings.
Use a level 1 heading that reads “Literature Review”
Use a level 2 headings that reads “Introduction”
Include at least one additional level 2 heading.
You may use additional level 2 headings and/or level 3 headings if you choose.

The grade will be based on content, formatting (such as headings, citations, and references), and grammar (including punctuation, spelling, and word choice).


Illegal Organ Transplants
Student's Name
Illegal Organ Transplants
Literature Review
There is a growth of organ trafficking market worldwide (Jafar, 2009). According to Jafar (2009), a network consisting of physicians, brokers, and hospitals engage in the illegal trade of organs. It is a profitable enterprise that thrives on the demand for human organs, particularly in developed countries (Jafar, 2009). Another significant factor that has driven the growth of illegal organ transplants is the lack of legal frameworks in developing countries. According to Budiani‐Saberi & Delmonico (2008), organ transplants in countries that have loose legal structures accommodate the organ market and this contributes to the prevalence of illegal transplants. According to Sharif, Singh, Trey, & Lavee (2014), of the total global transplant activity, 10% involves illegal organ trades. This illegal activity results in an annual income of between $600 million and $1.2 billion (Sharif, Singh, Trey, & Lavee, 2014). This paper examines the literature to unearth significant issues related to illegal organ transplants. In the sections that follow, the paper examines the major sources of organs, the relationship between tourism and illegal organ transplants, and the potential solutions to the problem.
Major Organ Sources
Developing countries around the world, particularly in Asia, are the major sources of illegal organs. While organs can be transported overseas to other countries, other recipients prefer touring the countries to receive organ transplants. According to Danovitch, et al. (2013), impoverished people in countries such as India, Philippines, Egypt, and Pakistan are the common sources of the illegal organs. In addition, deceased donors from Colombia, and executed prisoners in China also make up the major sources of illegal organ transplants (Danovitch, et al., 2013). According to Sharif, Singh, Trey, & Lavee (2014), China has the most controversial and by far the largest exploitation of death row prisoners. The authors note that the country's

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