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Application Paper on Animal Testing University Campuses (Essay Sample)


Application Paper #2: Animal Testing University Campuses
Write a well-organized, well-referenced paper which responds to ALL of the following prompts:
Do some background research on animal testing in labs on university campuses. How common is it? Why is it done? What kind of departments participate?
Find at least two articles whose authors argue in support of animal research. What is their logic? Walk me through their arguments.
Find at least two articles whose authors argue against animal research. What is their logic? Walk me through their arguments as well.
Find two examples of student protests against animal testing on their campuses. Explain what happened. How did the student communicate their positions and their logic? Describe the protest itself. Were there counter-protestors? How did their universities respond? Did anything change as a result? Why or why not (this may require you to draw your own conclusions)?
What is your opinion on animal testing on university campuses? Evaluate the arguments you noted in (2) and (3) above, and then justify your own ethical conclusion.
Please reference terminology and ideas from class material in your paper, and include a works cited section at the end of your paper.


Application Paper on Animal Testing University Campuses
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Application Paper on Animal Testing University Campuses
Animal testing is not a new thing in scientific and medical research. It has been in existence for many decades. It is the practice where animals are used in a university setting for scientific research, academic studies, training, and education of veterinary and medical students Many university campuses across the United States and the United Kingdom have animal testing labs. In the United States, the program is funded by the federal government. The university campuses running such programs include the University of Oklahoma, University of Washington, Oregon Health & Science University, the University of California at Davis, among others (Farr, 2014). These universities have, for one reason or the other, mainly been accused by animal activists for conducting cruel animal research and testing. The program is overseen by individual university’s Institution Animal care and Use Committee (IACUC). Supporters of animal research in school laboratories argue that it helps find medical or health solutions for solving human health problems and gives students a first-hand experience in understand how they develop the solutions through experiments on animals. However, others argue against such tests claiming the tests are done in an inhumane manner and subject the animals to suffering. This notwithstanding, animals test have not only advanced the medical field greatly but have helped the human race solve majority of their health problems.

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