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Professor Questions on 8-1: Grief, Preschoolers, Adults (Essay Sample)


there are five questions from professor on 8-1 the question associated with the question is added all must have in text citation and a reference schollary comments please. the questions are about 1. preschool emotional symptoms, 2. adolescents, 3 middle schoolers emotional symptoms about death it ois on the instructions. 4. is healthy to unheathy and 5. is the terms you use


When helping preschoolers, it is crucial to understand that they will show their emotions in a rather unique manner compared to older kids or even adults. For most of the preschoolers, they have developed some element of concrete thought processes. This means that they will notice and understand death, but with help from their guardians (Schuman, 2016). They are likely to show fear and sadness from time to time as they play or engage in other activities ("How Children Understand Death & What You Should Say", 2016). Where the child shows resolve in the general activities, this means that they are slowly accepting the loss and moving on. For adolescents, they show remorse, withdrawal from general activities and anger along with subtle signs of sadness ("Grief Theory 101: The Dual Process Model of Grief", 2016). After they have recovered, they be more open to general activities and will be willing to share in their emotional challenges ("How to Help a Grieving Child", 2016).
For middle-schoolers, they will show signs of resolve and acceptance, where they will speak of the loved ones without signs of a breakdown (McCall, 2011). There are times when a person that was showing recovery signs will slip back to the early grieving stages, where they co...
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