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Analysis of Samson (Essay Sample)

"Analysis of Samson (Judges 13-16) Compare the psychology disorder Samson had since prenatal to Death with Abnormal psychology." this can be find online. Thank you. source..

Analysis of Samson
In the olden days, infertility to women was like a misfortune (Stein, 2010). Their husbands and the society saw them as a disgrace and misplaced. The Old Testament describes three women as being barren and later gave birth to children of great importance because of God`s intervention (Stein, 2010). Samson was born by a woman only known as the wife of Manoah. God`s intervention came true when she gave birth to Samson considering that she was infertile. The Angel of the Lord appeared to her and told her that she would become pregnant of a male child. The Angel also told Samson`s mother that she was supposed to neither consume any unclean food nor take any wine. Manoah offered the Lord grain and burnt goat sacrifice (Galpaz-Feller, 2006). Samson was to be in the forefront in delivering the Israelites from the Philistines according to the Lords plan.
Samson`s marriage to the philistine woman did not last seven days. His parents were against the idea of him marrying the Philistine woman who was uncircumcised. It was God`s plan for Samson to marry the woman so that he may be able to tackle the Philistines. During the feast, Samson gave a riddle and whoever cracked it was to be rewarded thirty sets of clothes. The Philistines pressured his wife to get the answer from her husband. Angered by his wife`s betrayal, Samson murdered thirty men and unclothed them. Finally, Samson met Delilah and fell in love with her in the valley of Sorek. She was to be paid heavily if she discovered the secret behind Samson`s strength. After continually persuading her husband, she got the secret and told the Philistine rulers. The rulers captured him and took him to p...
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