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Integrating Concepts (Essay Sample)

Compare and contrast the concepts of relationship or alliance as presented by the work of Jean Baker Miller (JBM), JV Jordan (2008), MP Mirkin)(1998) and Paolo Freire (2000). Additionally you are asked to think about how Somaly Mam's (2009) story (The road of lost innonence: The true story of a cambodian heroine) road to aligns itself with some of the ideas presented by Relationship Cultural Theory (RCT) theorists. You should think about this as an integrated approach, where you do not just describe RCT, Freire, and Mam separately. Instead you are asked to identify key ideas expressed in the different writings: where these ideas converge, diverge, and build off of each other. This approach will allow you to move beyond simply describing, to providing a more in-depth analysis of how these approaches help us have a more critical understanding of the meaning of relationship or alliance with clients in the social work practice. The paper demonstrates an in-depth critical reflection. source..
THE CONCEPTS OF RELATIONAL-CULTURAL THERAPY Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission The psychological theory of connection has been found as the core of human growth and development. There are some disconnections and connections at both the individual and societal levels such as race, sexual orientations, class, ethnicity and gender influence relationships which people employ to connect across disagreement and difference. Relational cultural theory maintains a perspective that is developmental, strength based, contextually focused, and wellness centered. This theory evolved from jean baker miller, which reflects the values of individuation, autonomy and separation. The theory contends that people develop fully through connection with others becoming more relationally. The diversity of contemporary society members with respect to gender, culture, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion among other things offers sociopolitical and relational aspects that support individual growth. The evolution of RCT was focused at exploring complexities and relational experiences of women and individuals of devalued cultural groups. It proposes that connection and context unlike individuation and separation were the basis for measuring human development in the society. This was particularly focused on experiences of women, but it is now used to understand experiences in all groups of society and more specifically the marginalized because of power and privilege imbalances. The current RCT as Jordan asserts recognizes the creation and sustenance of growth fostering relationships that are important for both male and females. RCT is integrated into the feminist and multicultural movements in psychology embracing aspects of social injustices significant focus on relationships from these movements. The relationship are said to be healing mechanisms in psychotherapy and indicators of mental wellness. (Goertz, 2006). RCT theory has focused on women...
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